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Posted with permission, thank you! :)

Under the cut, there is an advertisement for 4 Big Bang Challenges: [community profile] fixitstory, [community profile] kidficstory, [community profile] royaltystory & [community profile] journeystory.

4 Writing/Art Challenges )
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[community profile] torchwood_fest

From March - May [community profile] torchwood_fest is running a member driven prompt fest. Any pairings, genres, any era of Torchwood, and yes, crossovers are allowed. There's even a round robin for those interested in participating.

+Round Robin
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Love to write/read shorter fic? Then there is a fest for you! [ profile] consci_fan_mo is open for business and now accepting prompts!

What is [ profile] consci_fan_mo you ask? The ultimate antidote to NaNo, it's "three weeks of short stories of the sci-fi and fantasy kind, whether they be fanfiction or original works. The sort of stories you can curl up on the sofa with, while the weather does its worst outside, and can finish reading before your tea goes cold and your biscuit goes soggy in the saucer."

And it's FUN!

Right now it's asking for prompts- fandom prompts, lyric or quote prompts, and image prompts. Go throw an idea into the mix! And while you're there, why not join the comm?

In previous years, besides original fic, the following fandoms all came out to play: Alien Nation, Angel, Babylon 5, Blade Runner, Blood Ties, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Discworld, Doctor Who, Dresden Files, Eureka, Firefly, Heroes, Highlander, Hitchhiker's Guide, Merlin, New Amsterdam, Red Dwarf, Sherlock, Star Trek, Stargate, Supernatural, The Wild Wild West, Torchwood and MANY MANY OTHERS. Let's try for a equally diverse group of fandoms this time around!! Crossovers are more than Welcome!

Prompting is still open, so if there's an odd crossover you've ever wanted to see, now is the time to prompt for it (Consci_fan_mo has previously brought you Bagpuss/Torchwood amongst other crossover faire).
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Claiming is going kind of slow, and a lot of the stories left are crossovers. The mod over there encouraged the members to promote the challenge in other communities.

Come and join us at the [info]big_bigbang

The claiming post is HERE for artists who'd like to draw for crossover/fusion stories. :)
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There's a new Apocalypse Big Bang which is currently open for both author and artist sign-ups, and they allow crossovers and fusions. :) What better way to bring your favorite fandoms together than destroy the world as we know it?

FAQ & Rules | Schedule
Authors | Artists
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The Panfandom Games is a brand new collaborative mega-crossover fanfiction contest, based on the Hunger Games! All comers are welcome, from all fandoms and of all skill levels! You don’t even have to be familiar with the Hunger Games (though it helps).

Here’s the scenario:

Two ‘tributes,’ a boy and girl between the ages of 12 and 18 will be taken from each fandom. They will all be put in a gigantic arena and made to fight until only one remains.

But who wins? That’s where you come in. Each tribute is chosen by a writer (that’s you!), and their exploits in the arena are written as a piece of fiction. In each writer’s piece, their chosen tribute wins, though their chosen tribute will fail in every other writer’s story.

After everyone has finished writing their stories, all members will vote for their favorite, for several different categories. The winners will go down in history!

Come on over to [ profile] panfandom_games and check us out!
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To everyone who may have recs for Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse and all things Whedonian outside of the Buffyverse, [ profile] buffyversetop5's Worlds Without Shrimp session will be opening at midnight GMT on April 1 and will run through April 9. As always, crossover fanworks with any of these fandoms are welcome.

Worlds Without Shrimp is open to recs for fan-created works from any time period, and our usual posting guidelines apply.

Stop by Top 5 with any questions you may have!
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Reminder: Nominations are now open and will remain so until April 22. For rules and categories etc, see this post: Nominations

Here are some links to fics and artwork, thoughtfully provided by [ profile] fruitbat00

More lists
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I now have two lists up on the community for those wanting to get started on reading etc. 

Read more... )
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Have a crossover bunny with Dark Angel? Need a push to finish it? Nows your chance =)


We're a go \o/ and open this Saturday. Writers/Artists wanted! Not a writer or artist, but would still like to participate? We also need betas, cheerleaders, and alpha first-readers. Do you have a prompt or two you're excited to read? Then head-on over here to inspire a writer who is looking for a bunny/prompt to bite them in the ass ;)

Almost all crossovers accepted (exclusion RPS), all pairings/genres accepted- put your wildest ideas together. Crossovers are a great way to celebrate two or more fandoms, it’s what I did last year (and again this year). So please come on over and join us in the fun ^_^

Posted with Mods permission – thank you!
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The Smallville Fandom Creativity Awards

Do you write fanfiction?
Have you created artwork?
Or videos?

We think all that hard work deserves recognition. So, for the next two weeks, we want you to send in lists of your eligible work. In two weeks we will call for nominations from all members.

So, here's what we need from you: Send us your eligible stories, icons, banners, covers, videos, manips etc. Make sure you provide a link as we do not want to have to go searching for it.

Nominations will be open on the 18th of March and will stay open until the 22nd of April. Voting will be open for one week following that. For rules and eligibility criteria, please see [ profile] sv_fca
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I hope this is okay, but I just wanted to say that [community profile] fund_jcollins is a fandom charity auction for the benefit of the Jim Collins Foundation

From the foundation's website:

"The Jim Collins Foundation raises money to fund gender-confirming surgeries for those transgender people who need surgery to live a healthy life, but have no ability to pay for it themselves. We recognize that for those people who require surgery for a healthy gender transition, lack of access to surgery may result in hopelessness, depression, and sometimes, suicide. The Jim Collins Foundation is a community-based initiative promoting the self-determination and empowerment of all transgender people"

Here's the post for writing and fanfic offers. Any and all offerings for crossover fanfics would be very welcome.

(The community is on Dreamwidth, but you don't need an account to participate. You can use OpenID to leave a comment)
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Self-Cest Comment Fic Meme
Banner by [personal profile] thecookiemomma
[personal profile] thecookiemomma

So, the response to the meme has been rather overwhelming. I couldn't be happier: there are some prompts in there that I'm absolutely dying to read. I'm also not entirely sure how word of is spreading: there are people promoting it on tumblr (thanks!), I posted a promo here and at a couple specific fandom communities; but I've never met half the logged-in commenters (which is awesome, nice to meet you all!), and what's more, I've never heard of some of these fandoms before!

Which is fantastic, but I do have one worry. It's great to see such diverse prompts, but it's a Comment-Fic Meme and those aren't nearly as fun as they should be if there aren't fills to go with the prompts. I've been doing my part, but my f-list is obviously dominated by people from my fandoms and this has become a truly multi-fandom meme.

So while I don't want to stop the prompts (not for another week or two at the least), if you're an author in any of the following fandoms, please consider dropping in and seeing if something inspires you (and feel free to leave your own prompt while you're there). Anonymous commenting is ON and IP logging is OFF for now; so if you're feeling a little shy about filling or prompting a kinky situation, you may do so in the comfort of anonymity. 

Bear in mind, these are only the fandoms with existing prompts (and if I classified a fandom incorrectly, my apologies, I had to wiki more than a few of these and make my best guess).

No fewer than forty four discrete fandoms... )

Thanks again to everyone who's taking part!
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We all love imagining pretty faces making out with each other. Now it’s time to imagine pretty faces making out with themselves!  This is a totally multi-fandom (including RPF) fest: imagine Dean Winchester/Alec (Dark Angel), Eames (Inception)/Tom Hardy, the potential evil and snarky orgy of putting all of Mark Sheppard's characters into the same room!  If you're intrigued, you can find additional rules and information at the main post.  The meme is being held on DW to take advantage of thread titles, but anonymous commenting is on and there are always OpenID options along with the fact that DW is still open without invites.  We'd love to see everyone come and take part.

Self-cest Comment Fic Meme
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Come and join the [ profile] crossbigbang!
Where anything is possible and all crossovers are accepted!

Rules and FAQ
Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups
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Posted with permission! Thank you!

The second round @ [ profile] casestory just began. You want to be the next Agatha Christie or maybe John Grisham in your favorite fandoms? It’s the right place for you! A Case Story Big Bang 2.0! In the first round we had many, many crossovers. Maybe it’s your turn this time? :D

[ profile] casestory [ profile] casestory [ profile] casestory

Author Sign Up @ LJ
Artist Sign Up @ LJ
Author Sign Up @ DW
Artist Sign Up @ DW
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 Hi all!

My friend [ profile] glasslogic and I  are hosting the Undead Big Bang this year.  Last year we ran it as the L4d Big Bang, but after several requests to open the challenge up to all forms of the undead (instead of just zombies) we decided to give it a go.  

Crossovers are loved and welcomed!  My story last year was a crossover of Supernatural and Left4Dead.  All fandoms are accepted and if you felt like passing the word along (in addition to signing up of course!) we'd love that.  There are banners and links on the com.

(posted with gracious permission from [ profile] morgynleri )

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The [info]aiw_big_bang is looking for betas and artists.  There are a large range of fandoms and crossovers from which to choose.  Consider lending a hand and joining the fun!  Sign ups continue through October 24th.

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Sign ups are now open at [info]xover_exchange, a multifandom crossover fic exchange. There are 53 eligible fandoms for this round. If you've always wanted to see Sydney Bristow (Alias) working in the CIA with mutants (X-Men), or Neal Caffrey (White Collar) doing a con with Sawyer (Lost), or Abed (Community) getting to meet Dean Winchester (Supernatural), then please consider signing up! Sign-ups are open until Monday night, so you have plenty of time to think of your dream crossover!


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