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Avengers / Young Wizards crossover fanfic, set after A Wizard of Mars (2010) and a week after the Avengers movie (2012). No real spoilers, but it helps if you've seen the movie and know a little about Marvel Comics continuity.

Another Path
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Supergirl Returns #12 (part 2) - previous stories in this series are
On Twisting the Hellmouth
On Archive of Our Own
It may help if you've read the previous story, Five Dates Supergirl Didn’t Enjoy… And One She Did and the first part of Cat Chaser; This starts two days after the first part ends, and may not make a lot of sense it you haven't read it. I hadn't originally intended to follow up on the ending of Cat Chaser, but by popular demand this will eventually be posted as a second chapter on archives etc.

Cat Chaser (2/2)
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Here's a Warehouse 13 / Young Wizards crossover drabble, everything you need to know (if you don't know the fandoms) is in the end notes.

License Agreement
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Inspired by my noticing something about one of the secondary characters in Young Wizards. I really have no excuse...

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Title: The Fates' Lieutenant
Fandom(s): Temeraire / Young Wizards
Words: 1,559
Warnings/Notes: Rated G. Minor character spoilers for Victory of Eagles, none for Young Wizards. Pre-series for former and AU for the latter. Questions, comments, and criticism are all quite welcome.
Summary: Perscitia is a lot of things, but 'subordinate' will never be one of them.

"I am the Fates' lieutenant; I act under orders."
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Here's a short Young Wizards / Highlander crossover. Just a little idea I had, anyone who wants to do more with it is welcome.

Complicated Spelling


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