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Title: Square Peg (the third part of the Epic X-over 'verse)
Author: neensz
Fandoms: Leverage, Psych, SG:A, Harry Potter (with a smidge of Farscape fusion)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Shawn/Eliot, Draco/Hermione, McShep preslash
Chapter: 29 of ?
Word Count: 111.6k (so far)
General Warnings: sex, language, violence, misunderstandings galore, people being bad at relationships, kid!fic
Disclaimer: The rights to Psych, Leverage, SG:A, Harry Potter, Farscape (or any other television show, movie, or book currently in existence that eventually makes its way into this fic *coughinceptioncough*) do not belong to me, nor do any of the characters or places or quotes I am borrowing for my nefarious slashing purposes belong to me. I make no profit from the aforesaid borrowing, or only in the currency of squeeful fannish joy.

Summary: In the sequel to (the sequel to) Full Circle, our heroes find that while the problems in the Pegasus galaxy are much different than those of Earth, they are also surprisingly similar. Shawn adjusts (eventually) to his new life on Atlantis, Eliot discovers the benefits of communication, John realizes that what he had before isn't worth rejecting what he might be able to have now, Jesse makes some new friends, and Major Morris proves that what other people see is only 10% of the iceberg lurking beneath.

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