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Title: Square Peg (the third part of the Epic X-over 'verse)
Author: neensz
Fandoms: Leverage, Psych, SG:A, Harry Potter (with a smidge of Farscape fusion)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Shawn/Eliot, Draco/Hermione, McShep preslash
Chapter: 29 of ?
Word Count: 111.6k (so far)
General Warnings: sex, language, violence, misunderstandings galore, people being bad at relationships, kid!fic
Disclaimer: The rights to Psych, Leverage, SG:A, Harry Potter, Farscape (or any other television show, movie, or book currently in existence that eventually makes its way into this fic *coughinceptioncough*) do not belong to me, nor do any of the characters or places or quotes I am borrowing for my nefarious slashing purposes belong to me. I make no profit from the aforesaid borrowing, or only in the currency of squeeful fannish joy.

Summary: In the sequel to (the sequel to) Full Circle, our heroes find that while the problems in the Pegasus galaxy are much different than those of Earth, they are also surprisingly similar. Shawn adjusts (eventually) to his new life on Atlantis, Eliot discovers the benefits of communication, John realizes that what he had before isn't worth rejecting what he might be able to have now, Jesse makes some new friends, and Major Morris proves that what other people see is only 10% of the iceberg lurking beneath.

1. In which John embraces his inner adolescent
2. In which our heroes meet the neighbors
3. In which the Wraith are poor hosts
4. In which the rescue goes exactly as planned, because what could possibly go wrong?
5. In which when one hand giveth, the other taketh away
6. In which brotherly bonding occurs (kinda sorta)
7. In which nobody likes being stuck in the infirmary
8. In which Rodney regains his snark
9. In which meetings are really just a giant waste of time
10. In which Eliot behaves suspiciously
11. In which 'Can I have a pony?' is the most feared question for parents everywhere
12. In which people just really need to start talking to each other
13. In which uninvited guests make vacation complicated
14. In which ravening hordes of diplomats descend
15. In which advanced technology is, actually, distinguishable from magic
16. In which there is not a regrettable Vegas wedding
17. In which it sucks to be Drake Morris
18. In which Drake does it all with Class (A's)
19. In which breaking the rules has consequences, even if it was the right thing to do at the time
20. In which Jesse's accidental magic becomes apparent
21. In which there are misunderstandings on the mainland
22. In which there is deception, discovery, and a much-needed discussion
23. In which idiots who make impulsive and dangerous life choices are obviously destined for each other
24. In which 'Here There Be Dragons' is now literal
25. In which it isn't paranoia if Pegasus really is fucking out to get you
26. In which Hermione gets told off
27. In which it's Drake's turn for an F-bombing offensive
28. In which John finally gets a clue (but is still an idiot)
29. In which the Spencers aren't where they're supposed to be


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