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Stained in the Blood (of a whole generation)

Fandom: Young Avengers/Criminal Minds

Parts: 8 / 8

Length:  35,000 words

Rating: M (for canon-typical violence)

Pairings: Background Billy/Teddy, Cassie/Jonas; Gen casefic for Criminal Minds

Warnings: Minor character death, some graphic violence (CM-level, fire-based, no sexual component)

Disclaimer: Not mine, never mine. All credit goes to my betas, roane, moonbrightnites and frogy. All blame is mine. 

Summary: No-powers, modern AU crossover.

A string of brutal deaths brings the FBI’s vaunted Behavioural Analysis Unit to New York City on the trail of a serial arsonist. But when the UnSub appears to target a young man named William Kaplan, it becomes clear that nothing at all is what it seems...

“If you don’t want me to act like a parent, Cassie, fine. Let me act like a cop. By all rights, you and your friends should be up on serious charges right now! We’ll start with obstruction of justice, interfering in a police investigation, interfering in a federal investigation, negligent homicide-“

AO3 links: Prologue  Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five Chapter Six

Chapter Seven [END]

I know I originally said this would be nine parts, but I got to the end and realized that it worked fine to do the last two parts in one, and so why make people wait just because of an arbitrary chapter decision way back when? Thank you so much to everyone who's been reading along!

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